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Ban #BLUEWHALE online suicide game - SAVE OUR TEENAGERS!

Request govt. to set up helplines for teenagers to seek help and also request to the Ministry to BAN #BLUEWHALE online suicide game in INDIA and SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

Join in & sign this petition for strict action.

Not without my #Helmet

Request to the Ministry to make this compliance seamless through mandatory integration of quality #Helmets for adults and children as part of all 2 wheeler sales in India // and // create an organised sector for availability of quality tested Helmets for both adults and children.
Join in & sign this petition for strict action.#HelmetForAll

Stop sale of #RapeVideos

Rape. A heinous crime. In a country where Goddesses are worshipped, in the land of #RamJanmaBhumi we have people who not just rape, but sell rape videos! And nobody bats an eyelid. Rape. Something that happens to only others? If we don't stop it now, this could happen to some one we know.

Join in & sign this petition for strict action.
#SaveOurGirls #ShameTheRapists

Justice for Shanti Soundarajan

PM Modi flagged off the #RunWithRio initiative in support of India's Olympics contingent on 31st July 2016. While we cheer our finest sportspersons displaying their prowess in the world arena, let's spare a thought for Shanthi Soundarajan. She, who brought laurels for the country , she who was stripped of her dignity when she supposedly 'failed' a gender test at the Asian Games in Doha in 2006. She who suffered and worked as a mason for a paltry ₹200 a day because we as a nation chose to forget her.

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